Sylvie Verleye

Communication Coach

Sylvie started in 2000 as a trainer in communication topics like interviewing skills, meeting skills, customer care and mainly presentation skills. Very soon she realized that her true passion was presentation skills. The first years she learned the skill how to be a trainer by giving training and observing other trainers.

As the skill to present was her favorite topic she read lots of books on this topic and started focussing more on this skill. At first her focus was on body language and how to deal with stress. As she was frustrated with the overloaded slides she very soon added a focus being PowerPoint – strengths, and pitfalls of the tool.

In 2009 Sylvie interviewed 30 women in top positions to understand how important presentations had been to get to that level. This resulted in her first book ‘Stilte, ik Spreek’ that was published end 2009. In 2010 she interviewed CEOs and VPs to understand what they specifically expect from a presentation. What she heard over and over again was the need for short communication. So her focus now is very much on storytelling and pitching.  Sylvie loves being on stage but she loves even more to help people get their message across in the clearest and most powerful way possible.

As she struggled a few years ago with her energy level, and energy is what you absolutely need to communicate in a persuasive way, she deep dived into this topic. She discovered the books of Hormone Factor Trainer Ralph Moorman and was so enthusiastic about this that she decided to become a Hormone Factor Trainer herself. She obtained her degree in June 2017 and incorporates these insights in her training now as lots of people struggle with energy. She believes everyone should understand the basics of how hormones work and how food can help or work against your body.