Goedele Leyssen

Healthy lifestyle expert

Her job as the beauty-, health- and wellness editor gave Goedele the opportunity to travel for twelve years around the globe and interview leading beauty and wellness experts about their secrets to stay happy, healthy and energized. While visiting India for a story, she discovered yoga and meditation.

Goedele soon experienced the powerful effects of a daily practice. She felt more aware, more in touch with herself and started to respect her body more. When she was faced with big personal and professional challenges, she had the tools to manage her stress. Soon after she became a teacher herself. To understand the impact of food on our health and our emotions better, she also certified as a holistic nutritionist.

Looking for ways to share what she learned, Goedele started to organize workshops, retreats and give lectures in Belgium and abroad for companies like Microsoft, Unilever, Sanofi, Axa,…. She also sees private clients and teaches at festivals like the Happinez Festival, Tomorrowland and Wanderlust.

In April 2014, Goedele published her first book Boost, followed by Balans in 2015 and MoodFood in 2017. She also developed a healthy lifestyle program that helps people to develop their own powerful evening and morning routines.