Goedele Leyssen

Healthy lifestyle expert
Her job as the beauty-, health- and wellness editor gave Goedele the opportunity to travel for twelve years around the globe and interview leading beauty and wellness experts about their secrets to stay happy, healthy and energized. While visiting India for a story, she discovered yoga and meditation. Goedele soon experienced the powerful effects of a […]
  • Enjoy daily stretching routines and easy cardio and strength training for a flexible, healthy body and abundant energy

    Experience breathing techniques and tools to relax and recharge your body & mind 

    Try powerful visualisations and easy meditation and mindfulness techniques

    Get healthy lifestyle and nutrition advice

    Explore the power of aromatherapy and discover how it can influence your performance, mood an physical wellbeing 

    Dive into a sound healing experience with the Earth Year Gong 

Helena Demuynck

Authentic Leadership Coach
Demonstrating an entrepreneurial drive since childhood, Helena started her own company in the late 80s. Since 2007, she is focusing on supporting leaders to tap into their full leadership potential. She coaches her clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts.  Helena truly believes that both businesses and society need a radical leadership correction as the […]
    • Discover your unique Authentic Power
    • Identify your Values for upright leading and decision making
    • Integrate your personal Purpose in your professional life
    • Build resilience to be flexible, adapt to new circumstances quickly, and thrive in constant change
    • Create a community of support to leverage your strengths
    • Engage in Conversational Intelligence™ to amplify your interactions
  • Authentic conversations

    GIBS Reflection Cycle

    Freefall writing

Sylvie Verleye

Communication Coach
Sylvie started in 2000 as a trainer in communication topics like interviewing skills, meeting skills, customer care and mainly presentation skills. Very soon she realized that her true passion was presentation skills. The first years she learned the skill how to be a trainer by giving training and observing other trainers. As the skill to present was her […]

    • Identify your Natural  Speech Style and how to Connect
    • Discover how to adapt quickly and get your message across in a Short and Crystal Clear way 
    • Integrate Storytelling to communicate with Impact and Influence
    • Discover how Stress Hormones work and the impact on other hormonal functions that determine your Energy Level
    • Insights how food can help balance hormone Energy levels 
  • On and off stage Confidence

    Pitching, short communication

    Hormone Factor/Energy tools

    Hormone Factor proof recipies