How do you show up?

How do you see yourself in your work and career right now? Are you satisfied by the idea that you entirely use your talents? Are you valued for your contributions and your potential? Can you satisfy your ambitions and make the difference you want to make in the world?

In my coaching work with women leaders, I learn that the definition of success and the answers to the questions mentioned above are very personal, individual. However, one of the biggest impediments to success is also personal and unique: being blind to the behaviors and habits that keep leaders stuck (1).

We all have developed behaviors that were effective in an earlier stage in our career, and feel tempted to cling to. However, as we move higher and take on more responsibilities, these behaviors or habits can start to work against us.

So sometimes you can feel stuck, in different ways:

  • Something is preventing you from moving forward
  • You feel unable to break through circumstances that are holding you down
  • Your contributions are not recognized
  • People around you have no idea what you are capable of achieving (2)

It is interesting to explore how we might be keeping ourselves stuck. That is why being aware and able to change our behaviors is so important. Fortunately, becoming aware of your practices and routines lies within your control. This means you can address them, seriously improving your chances of success and reaching your goals in the future.

We have built our Authentic Encounter Program to step out of your comfort zone, and empower you to change your habits, routines, and behaviors by substituting them with new ones. We will change the way you show up in the world, by adjusting the responses that have become your default mode. We will offer you the insights and rituals to bring your behaviors to consciousness awareness and take you away from autopilot.

You can think of The Authentic Encounter as giving you the means to clear your path of self-imposed obstacles so you can become more successful and take greater satisfaction in your work. Our goal is to help you make the difference that you want to build on the path you choose through life. Moreover, you will feel the unleashed energy and confidence that comes with it.

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