The Power of Rituals

Rituals are an essential part of our life. They structure our days and give us a sensation of control over things we actually cannot control.  If you choose them wisely, they make you more mindful and prepare you mentally and physically for the upcoming day. During the day, they give you something to look forward to (like a cup of hot tea, or a walk) so you are motivated to focus more and in the evening, they allow you to look back on the day’s events, evaluate how things went and help you to relax for a restful night.


From the 29th of April till the 2nd of May, I will teach you how to create your personal rituals in The Authentic Encounter, a holistic retreat program for women leaders that will help to empower you as a person and reinforce you in your role as a leader.


Visit our website http://www.theauthenticencounter.comto find out more, or register via be the first to receive news, benefits, additional information, bonuses, and much more about the program in the upcoming weeks.


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