Women & Leadership

Female leaders everywhere are struggling with the state of the world. We are looking for ways to get past the noise and raise our voices above the clash of friction, discontent, and discrimination so prevalent in today’s society. It is no longer enough to assume authority and responsibility for our organizations, meet the quota, issue orders and punch out. For as leaders, we are most often the key influencers on those around us. Our role has the potential to launch a ripple effect that can change the course of other’s lives.

So, a lot is going on in our world today. But there is still an opportunity to harness the energy, heart, and compassion of all leaders- at every level, in every organization, and at every opportunity. To remain resilient, we must strengthen our mind’s ability to focus, approach ourselves and others with clarity and an open mind, develop creative solutions and new ways of doing things, and maintain compassion- deep understanding- in our communications and within the circles where our ripples can be felt the strongest.

What is called for now? How will you choose to lead?

Join us for The Authentic Encounter™ a four-day intensive residential retreat co-led by oxygen4leadership Founder Helena Demuynck, Healthy Lifestyle Expert Goedele Leysen, and Storytelling/presentation Coach and Energy Coach Sylvie Verleye. Together we will look at ways to connect to a bigger picture, allow for joy, and more skillfully meet the complexity of leadership.

This retreat will incorporate leadership reflection, dialogue and extended periods of silence and meditation.

After the program, you will move forward with greater self-awareness, self-confidence, and purpose – and with a new precious network of fellow participants, often helping each other as peer coaches and mentors. This can be an invaluable tool in your career journey.

There is also one personal post-program coaching session to help you consolidate the program’s key learnings.


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